Monday, December 3, 2012

12 hour flight to Zurich airport

Sorry everyone, In Shanghai the website I am using for my blog (blogspot/blogger) was banned so I couldn't blog but now I official out of China and can blog.
I didn't realise that you could divide the Chinese yuan (pronounced YEN) by 5 and you would get the price in the NZD.
Well on the first day we went to Forever 21(a American shop) I brought some present for my friends and a puffa jacket whichis blue. Pippi (my sister) brought orange dotty jeans ,there really cool. After that we had lunch and mucked around for a bit then went and walked on the bund it's amazing. There's all these old buildings that are all along the Suzhou river and when it gets dark there are street lights all along the waters edge and it look pretty.
On the second day we went to people's square and saw an exhibit on Maramiko (I may have spelt it wrong) in the museum of contemporary art (MOCA). After we went to The Urban planning center and there was a model of shanghai it was amazing at one point when we were there the model imitated night it was really colourful. We went to the French concession and into a maze of side streets.
On our last day there we went to a water town that was an hour out of central shanghai with a guide call Lisa. I was at least a head taller than her. It was very interesting and we went into a Buddhist temple and took lots of photos but I could only show you a couple. After we walked through the back streets and around the water town we came to a old house that was massive it had it's own temple garden and a tall Pavilion. After we went to the Shanghai museum (it was boring) but there was a jade exhibit it was intriguing. There was black boxes with glass in front of them with the jade held up by pieces of clear plastic and lit by dim lights in the ceiling of the boxes.
On the mourning that we left it was lighter than all the other days ( it's always smoggy in Shanghai) we caught the Maglev train that went up to 301 km per hour and took 7 mins to get to the airport.
After we got to the airport and wait until we were allowed to board. But before that we had ice cream. Carrying on we got on taco your 12 hour flight to Zurich. Finally we got there it was -1 degrees! You know how you walk along a corridor to get to the terminal it was like a fridge. Then another flight to Rome, I slept throughout the whole flight. We got picked up from the air pot and driven to our apartment right next to the Vatican City wall.
Here are some pictures.

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