Saturday, December 8, 2012


Were here at last!
It is 7:20 am and the sun has not risen yet I bet it has in New Zealand.
We caught a train from Rome. It took 3 hours to cross maybe 3/4s of Italy in a fast train. On the train a man said if we were lucky it would snow. There was some light snow for a bit then it stopped :(. I hope it snows again.
We are stay in a place called Forester Valdese. It is cool. We have a balcony over a small canal that is interesting. At one point we saw two couches going down the canal on a barge.
In Venice and Rome they need sushi because we haven't found any sushi or dumplings but in Shanghai there was no end to the number of dumplings we found.
I got new shoes in Rome that are really warm.

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