Monday, December 10, 2012

Busy busy Venice

Today we we had lunch in the sun on Rialto bridge and watches alas the gondolas, taxis, water busses and little fizz boats putted up or down the grand canal. I brought some masks on Rialto bridge that were really cheap. We when in to this giant building and up two flights of stairs and in to this giant room and the ceiling is covered in painting of stories from the bible by Tintoretto. We got mirrors to walk around with so we didn't hurt our necks looking up at the pairing on the ceiling. On the way there we encounter a strange thing. About 6 men standing round this one door we think they were changing a lock it was really funny. As well me and Pippi bought a long liquorice that we red. We we were really close to the Tintoretto ceiling paintings we found an ice rink and made some some balls. I meet this cute as puppy in San Marcos square he is a border collie.

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